Measure your flow!- Thursday, January 30, 2020

To find out the flow rate of your taps is very easy all you need is a bucket with the litre measurements on the side.

For the most accurate measurement for irrigation you should cut a piece of old hose to the length of the furthest point you would like to irrigate in your garden and from that point is where you should put the bucket.

Now turn the tap on and start timing how long it takes to fill the bucket up to the 10 Litre mark, if possible.

Let’s say that took 30 seconds, so now we know that every minute you can have 20 Litres. So, all you must do is multiply 20L x 60(minutes) = 1200L/ph. and now you know you can have 1200 Litres of water every hour from that point.

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Find out your pressure- Thursday, January 30, 2020

To find out how much pressure you have behind your tap is very easy but it does require a piece of equipment you can attached to a tap with a pressure gauge on fortunately we sell the perfect thing here 

With this tool you simply attached it to your outside tap with either the Snap Lock fitting or a Geka fitting, once securely attached to your tap you should close off the silver lever valve on the outlet and then turn your tap open as much as you can then all you need to do it read the pressure gauge! And there you have it, now you should know how much pressure you have behind your tap and what you can run on your irrigation system.

And here’s a tip from the professionals at E.J.Woollard make sure once you’re finished with measuring your pressure that you turn the tap off and then open the silver lever outlet before you remove it from the tap as a it does hold a surprising amount of pressure and water in the kit!

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